Key Business Benefits

Reduce CapEx for the Same Total Job Capacity

KumoScaleTM software is architected and priced to deliver hyperscale economics even for providers with a relatively small data center footprint. An exceptionally high efficiency results from the optimum blending of dissimilar items, and KumoScale automatically combines workloads on each SSD and storage node to extract the maximum value from each hardware asset.

Make it Easier to Find Qualified Infrastructure Engineers

The KumoScale management philosophy hews closely to the Kubernetes® model, even when provisioning storage for bare metal, VMs, or legacy environments. The ease and speed with which powerful "operators" can be constructed to automatically perform the most intricate maintenance operations, means the need for fewer people dedicated to keep storage running.  And because of the exploding popularity of Kubernetes in the IT community, qualified people will be easier than ever to find and retain.