KumoScale Provisioner REST API

The KumoScaleTM Provisioner version 1.4 REST API is the primary public interface to KumoScale software. It allows users to manage the pool of KumoScale storage nodes, and to allocate, connect, monitor, and manage storage volumes.
An interactive OpenAPI 3.0 model of the KumoScale REST API can be viewed below.

KumoScale Rest API calls are authenticated with basic authentication. There are two different ways to provide the authentication: either with username and password or with a token. The username and password may be configured locally, if the authentication mode is set to local, or via LDAP, when authentication mode is set to LDAP. See the Security chapter for a detailed description of authentication. 

KumoScale software was designed for integration with rapidly evolving data center management and orchestration frameworks. The KumoScale Provisioner REST API enables integration to Kubernetes®, Ansible®, the GUI server, and many other open and proprietary frameworks.