KumoScaleTM technology supports creating OpenStack® volumes with the following attributes:

  • Resilient (replicated) or non-resilient
  • QoS maximum and desired values
  • Specifying locality (topology) constraints
  • Thin or thick-provisioned
  • Taking a snapshot and create snapshot volumes over it

KumoScale software currently supports the OpenStack Stein version. Additional versions may be supported upon demand, or used by applying a patch. The KumoScale Cinder driver will be contributed to the OpenStack community and will work on Linux® kernel versions that support NVMe-oF and have client-side mdraid.

KumoScale software integration with the OpenStack OS consists of three main components.

1. Cinder Driver

Cinder is a storage service for the OpenStack OS, designed to present block storage resources to OpenStack clients. The Cinder driver plugin enables the provisioning of volumes by relaying commands to the KumoScale Provisioner Service.

2. OS Brick

A connector, called a "brick" in OpenStack terminology, runs on each client machine, and assists in setup/teardown of remote volumes to the Nova VM provisioner. These connections are done within the base Linux instance, and are transparent to any hypervisor or VM running above it.

3. KumoScale Agent

The KumoScale agent is a health-monitoring daemon, used to detect and repair connections volumes that become unavailable for any reason.

The following diagram describes the KumoScale to OpenStack integration for a virtualized deployment:

KumoScale API Integration with OpenStack