KumoScale CSI Driver for Kubernetes

The Container Storage Interface (CSI), is an open framework that enables storage providers to connect storage to containers in a uniform way. CSI has been adopted as the storage API for Kubernetes®.

The KumoScaleTM CSI connection consists of two parts:  The first, the CSI driver, is a small agent that is installed as part of the Kubernetes runtime on each compute node in the cluster. The CSI driver, in spite of its name, is not in the data path, but rather serves to connect and disconnect KumoScale Persistent Volumes in response to Persistent Volume Claims, and also to monitor and report on the health of those volumes, particularly when they are replicated. 

The second component is the CSI Controller, which is resident in the Kubernetes Master, and serves as an API gateway between Kubernetes and KumoScale interfaces.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 3.33.34 PM

KumoScale Client Architecture for CSI

The KumoScale CSI plugin is published at https://github.com/KioxiaAmerica/kumoscale-csi/releases/tag/v3.15CSIDriver.

A list of all available CSI plugins can be found at the CNCF CSI drivers web site.