Installation Overview

This section will walk you through the steps to successfully install and configure the KumoScale™ storage software in Appliance Mode.


The installation consists of installing the software and configuring the storage cluster.

KumoScale Storage Cluster: KumoScale management services run on a Kubernetes™ orchestration cluster hosted on the storage nodes themselves. The services that run on this cluster are configured for native Kubernetes environments’ data resiliency and high availability (HA). The installation automatically installs the following essential services:

  • Provisioner, a service for provisioning, analysing, and managing storage nodes. The Provisioner is installed on the master node of the storage cluster and acts as a load balancer, using storage requirements and analytics data to determine the best location for allocating requested volumes.
  • Control Operators to manage KumoScale These control operators run as services on the Kubernetes cluster.
  • The CSI driver for Kubernetes to support implementation of the storage cluster and storage nodes.

Additional components that provide internal logging and analysis can be added to the storage cluster.

KumoScale Storage Nodes: KumoScale software is installed on storage appliances or physical servers equiped with NVMe™ SSDs, and configured as master or worker nodes.

More detailed information, including a system overview describing all components and interfaces, is available in the Storage Provisioning section of the KumoScale User Guide.

Once you have deployed the KumoScale storage cluster, your environment will be ready for provisioning as shown in Figure 1. Example of a KumoScale Software Deployment.


Figure 1. Example of a KumoScale Software Deployment

Before you Begin

Before you begin the installation:

  • Confirm that your hardware platform and network environment comply with KumoScale software requirements as specified in the KumoScale Hardware Compatibility List (HCL).
  • Read the Release Notes for changes made in KumoScale version 3.20.
  • Review the installation and configuration requirements documented in this guide in Environmental Requirements.
  • If you are doing a single node installation, please follow the simplified installation process documented in the Single Node Installation section.

Intended Audience

These instructions are written for storage administrators. It is assumed that the reader has a working knowledge of storage, networking and Kubernetes orchestration concepts.

Changes from Previous Release

For changes from the previous release, see Release Notes.

Guide to Installation for Application Mode

This section contains information on installing, configuring, and maintaining KumoScale software. The following topics are covered in this guide:

Single Node Installation Guide provides a guide to configure a single node KumoScale cluster.

Installation Prerequisites and Preparation covers all the requirements for deploying KumoScale software successfully in a production environment.

Installation and Configuration provide step-by-step procedures for installing KumoScale software and configuring the KumoScale storage cluster.

Next Steps provides a list of documents that will guide you through completing a deployment.

Maintenance documents the procedures required for upgrading or uninstalling KumoScale software. It also references procedures for upgrading NVMe SSD firmware.

Troubleshooting includes known issues that have been encountered when installing KumoScale software.


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