OpenStack Storage Provisioning

KumoScale software supports the following storage provisioning functionality:

  • Creating a volume.
  • Attaching a volume.
  • Taking a snapshot of a volume.
  • Creating a volume from a snapshot.
  • Cloning a volume by creating a volume from a source volume.

This chapter describes the options to create a volume either through the horizon dashboard or by using the OpenStack command line interface (CLI).

Horizon Dashboard

Provision KumoScale volumes by following the instructions in:

When creating the volume, choose the volume type you have configured for the type field, by selecting the relevant dropdown list item.

OpenStack CLI

Follow the instructions for the relevant command listed at:

Table 2. OpenStack CLI Commands



Create a volume

volume create

Delete a volume

volume delete

Attach a volume

server add volume

Detach a volume

server remove volume

Create a snapshot

snapshot create

Create a snapshot volume

Use volume create and specify the snapshot with the snapshot <snapshot_id> command parameter.

Delete a snapshot volume

volume snapshot delete

Clone a volume

Use the volume create command and specify the volume to clone with the --source <volume_id> command parameter.


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