Install/Upgrade/Uninstall the KumoScale Engine

The following sections explain how to install and use the engine on each device hosting a storage node.

Install the KumoScale Engine

Before Installing the KumoScale Engine

Before you begin the steps to install the KumoScale engine confirm that:

  1. nvmeoft_ctl, nvmeoft_tgt, nvmeoft_fab and nvmeoft_pci kernel modules are loaded and set up to load after every boot.
  2. ethtool, net-utils, and pciutils packages are installed. The KumoScale engine depends on these tools.
  3. (rpm installation only) Your server does not already use port 443. You can check this by running a service such as httpd.

Installing the KumoScale Engine

To install the KumoScale Engine, complete the steps that apply to your environment.

rpm installation

  1. Download and save the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) package KumoScale-Engine<version>.rpm to your computer.
  2. Run
   rpm -ivh KumoScale-Engine<version>.rpm


Debian™ installation

  1. Download and save the deb package kumoscale-engine<version>.deb to your computer
  2. To install or upgrade the package run:
   sudo dpkg --install kumoscale-engine<version>.deb

KumoScale Engine Service Operations

To stop the engine service, run:

   service KumoScale stop

To start the engine service, run:

   service KumoScale start

To restart the engine service, run:

   service KumoScale restart

KumoScale Engine Network Ports

Verify the following ports are open in the firewall:

1.  443/tcp for web access, or any other web access port you wish. You can change it by modifying the Connector port attribute in:

2.  Any other required ports for data path access.

Upgrading the KumoScale Engine

To upgrade the KumoScale Engine, follow the steps below for your environment.

rpm upgrade

rpm -Uvh KumoScale-Engine<version>.rpm

Debian upgrade

Follow the same steps as for installation:

sudo dpkg --install kumoscale-engine<version>.deb

Removing the KumoScale Engine

We recommend rebooting once components have been removed.

rpm removal

To remove the package run:

rpm -e KumoScale-Engine<version>

Debian removal

To remove the package run:

sudo dpkg --purge kumoscale-engine



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