Installing & Using KumoScale Operators with a Kubernetes Cluster

This section applies only to users who are using KumoScale software with an existing Kubernetes cluster. In this case, the KumoScale Operator Software is delivered as a binary container for Kubernetes deployment. KumoScale software enables you to configure and manage provisioning using Custom Resource files with KumoScale operators. We support any distribution of Kubernetes versions 1.15, 1.16-1.19, and 1.20- 1.22  as long as you follow the official guidelines and best practices for installation and deployment.

Install the KumoScale Operators software

The released package for 3.20 for Managed mode, includes the operator software. To install it, complete the following:

  • Install ks-operator with
kubectl create –f ks-install-operator- 3.20-1871.yaml
  • Verify the installation was completed successfully:
kubectl get pods -A | grep operator

You should receive a response similar to the one below:

kumo-services ks-config-operator-controller-manager-1234567-12345 0/1 Running 0 18

kumo-services ks-install-operator -3576911-abcde 1/1 Running 0 18

Using KumoScale Operators

KumoScale operators are used with kubectl to create, modify, and configure custom resource files for provisioning and storage management. The next sections provide high level instructions for configuring the Provisioner and storage nodes using operators. For complete information, see the KumoScale User Manual.


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