Install - Troubleshooting

This section includes tips for troubleshooting issues with installing KumoScale in Appliance mode.

NVMe Protocol Errors on Application Initiators

Any of the following errors may be resolved by installing the appropriate NVMe patch for CentOS-8.2 or patched kernel for CentOS-7.9 on the application initiator. This is documented in NVMe Patches on Applications Initiators.

  • Initiator crashes after trying to connect to target and CSI driver restarts at the same time.
  • The initiator receives a message regarding nvme-fabrics: reject I/O to offline device.

Cannot add a master while there are not enough masters pending

When adding an even numbered storage node as a master, if you issue the kubectl describe command, the following message may appear Cannot add a master while there are not enough masters pending. This is not an error but only reflects that since the number of master nodes needs be an odd number, the storage node is in pending state until another storage node is added as a master.


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