Accessing KumoScale Grafana Server

Complete the following steps to access the Grafana server.

  • The Grafana server can be accessed at the address: http://<cluster_VIP>.

Figure 1 Grafana Login Screen

  • On the login screen (shown above), enter the following credentials:
Email or username: admin

Password: ksAdmin

        and click the Login button to go to the Grafana home screen.

  • Click on the symbol in the left hand column to display the Dashboard menu and pick Manage from the list.

You will see a list of dashboards on the screen. To add the KumoScale dashboards to this list unzip the file This file contains JSON files that need to be imported into the dashboard as described in the next step.

Figure 2 The Dashboard List

  • There are two types of dashboards available:
    • To access the KumoScale cluster dashboards, go to KumoScale Cluster Dashboards.
    • To access the KumoScale storage dashboards, go to KumoScale Storage Dashboards.

To install your own dashboard or to download a dashboard from the web, go to Next Steps.

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