4 General Hardware Requirements

KumoScale software is installed on servers external to the target storage or application initiator nodes. These components require additional servers, which may not be solely dedicated for this purpose.

4.1  KumoScale Storage Cluster

The KumoScale storage cluster is a High Availability (HA) cluster implemented over a private Kubernetes environment. The cluster requires at least three (3) servers for replication to ensure HA. The following sections specify the requirements for the servers used in this cluster and the network requirements.

4.1.1  Hardware Requirements

The following table specifies the minimal hardware requirements for the physical server components, and the recommended configuration according to the expected deployment’s scale (number of KumoScale storage nodes):


Minimal Requirements

Best Practice


4 cores

<10 KS nodes – 4 cores

10-100 KS nodes – 12 cores

>100 KS nodes – 24 cores


8 GB

<10 KS nodes – 8 GB

10-100 KS nodes – 32 GB

>100 KS nodes – 128 GB

Boot Drive

40 GB

<10 KS nodes – 40 GB

10-100 KS nodes – 80 GB

>100 KS nodes – 128 GB

4.1.2  Topology

Each server must be installed on a different rack to ensure HA.

4.1.3  Network Requirements

This section specifies the requirements for the server’s ports. These ports must be accessible by the orchestrator, KumoScale storage nodes, and application hosts.  Management Ports

Each of the servers should have at least two management ports. The table below specifies the bandwidth minimum value and recommendation according to the expected deployment’s scale (number of KumoScale storage nodes):

Minimal Requirements

Best Practice

2x1 Gbps

<10 KS nodes – 2x1 Gbps

10-100 KS nodes – 2x10 Gbps

>100 KS nodes – 2x25 Gbps  Data Ports

Each server requires a data port. The data and management ports may be combined on a single logical interface if there are at least two ports with a bandwidth of ≥ 25 Gbps each.

4.1.4  Storage Requirements

There are no storage requirements. KumoScale cluster management services require persistent storage but this is provisioned by KumoScale software NVMe-oF™ volumes, so no additional storage is required on the servers used for this cluster.

4.2  Ansible Server

In a bare-metal environment, an Ansible server is required for running the Ansible modules and playbooks (this can be the same server that is used for the storage cluster).

The only requirement for this Linux OS-based server is to have connectivity with the KumoScale appliance management IP and the application hosts.